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Barre is a low-impact high-intensity workout which incorporates many fitness elements into one discipline. Barre combines the best parts of Pilates, Ballet, and Yoga, as well as weight training and cardiovascular movements into one, cohesive full-body workout. It will leave you feeling toned, strong, and mobile! Every class follows our 3 basic principles of isometric work & isolation, mobility, and full body movement all in combination to make you your best self yet.

B Barre 60: The original 60-minute class which incorporates full-body isometrics and mobility exercises into one jam-packed, leg-shaking, core-blasting, muscle-lengthening workout! The signature barre class of Studio B and the foundation for all other barre class variations.

B Barre 45: All the best parts of B Barre condensed into a quick and easy format made for a quicker workout. The warm up and  arm weight series are combined with more combination exercises and full body movements to replace the cardio blasts.

B Barre 30: Expect our signature B60 class condensed  into 30 minutes for a express workout. This class will still get you sweating with 1 cardio burst and shaking with full-body movements that tone.

B CORE Flow: Building on the foundation of B Barre 60, B CORE Flow slows down the movement to turn up the flow.With an increased focus on breath, your center, motion and flexibility, this class will target your entire core from start to finish.. We may have taken out the cardio, but that doesn’t mean we turned down the intensity. Get ready to flow your way to a stronger, tighter core.

​B Strong: B Strong is just as the name says, with the incorporation of weights in the warm-up and heavy weights in arms series it will get that back of the body working right away. Building on the foundations of B Barre 60, B Strong turns up the resistance, adding heavier weights and resistance bands to different series. With the focus on building long lean muscles, B Strong targets the arms,abs and butt. Let's hustle for that muscle!

B Bold: B Bold class incorporates the bones of the B Barre 60 class but with added intensity and cardio which will leave your body feeling like jello — in the best possible way. This is our most intense cardiovascular class, with five cardio blasts throughout. Mixed with combination series and mobility and flow movements, B Bold will keep the heart rate up and those sweat glands active! 

B Fusion: The best medley of your favourite B Barre 60 class in conjunction with the cardio of SOAR Bounce Fitness, rebounders (small trampolines) are used as barres and then flipped right-side up to get that heart rate elevated during cardio. In this class, your rebounder will also double as your mat for isometric leg and abdominal exercises. If rebounding is not for you, no problem!  All the rebounding work can be done on the FLOOR with no impact.

HIIT: This high intensity class uses interval-style cardio and burn bursts to get your heart rate elevated. We simplify the choreography to focus on that deep muscle burn. This class can be done on a rebounder (small trampoline) or on the floor with either high or low-impact cardio options. Grab a towel because you will sweat.