At Studio B we are passionate teachers eager to share our knowledge of movement with YOU to enable you to live better, move better, and feel better. Our unique Barre and Bounce classes offer a safe, low-impact fitness experience that help clients achieve greater confidence and body awareness. Our classes are designed to strengthen, sculpt and tone your entire body. Access our classes any time, anywhere. Embrace your BOLD side.


Client Testimonials

This was my first barre class and it kicked my butt. I watched a couple of short intro videos on YouTube and thought "I can do this that looks easy!" Boy was I surprised. The class was fun, fast-paced, challenging, and my legs are shaking so I think it's safe to say it's not what I expected but I'll be back!!- Kelsey

I love Core Flow classes, always makes me feel energized! It's hard and even though there's no cardio you really get to sweat! Classes will always make you sweat, the instructor will always push you, whatever class type you're choosing! - Julie

Can't recommend Studio B enough, all the teachers are great, motivating and very positive. Workouts are hard and teachers push you, but give you modifications. The online classes are the same quality and give the same motivation as if I was at the studio.- J

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